How it Works.

  • Real estate firms, developers, brokers, property owners list their properties on Akasa’s platform where they are indexed to a global land registry after KYC and AML processes
  • Property specific tokens are modeled for particular asset type, embedding legal and regulatory requirement 
  • Tokens are are  made available to buyers through crowdsale 
  • Buyers purchase tokens through fiat or crypto currencies through our cross currency payment system 
  • Token holders vote and  take management decisions related to property  enabled by our DAO (digitally autonomous organisation) smart contracts  
  • Tokens are traded on Akasa’s trading portal (secondary mark



  • Property marketplace: View or buy properties by country, asset type, price and asset performance. Access legal status, paperwork 
  • Seller Portal: A platform for sellers to manage the lifecycle of their assets from listing to sale. 
  • Investor portal: A single endpoint for investors to manage their portfolio, view reports, track transactions  and buy new assets